IXD101 – Follow the Rhythm: Revisited

I’ve been thinking of revisiting my Follow the Rhythm project, as I feel I could have done better with it. I feel the design lacks the importance of typography, as the use of all the lyrics in a long, continuous line is rather boring. I want to try and reimagine the design by sketching out some new ideas and coming up with fresh designs.


For my moodboard, I decided to stick with 80’s influence, this time looking into more typography-heavy designs. I also looked into some Japanese inspired typography, as I feel it would suit the overall aesthetic as well.


These are some sketches I completed, with the idea of a typography-heavy design in mind. In all of these designs, I have visioned a dark background, with a retro filter over the top. All the designs are also centred, as I feel this draws attention to the text more. I want to now try and recreate some of these in either Photoshop or Illustrator.


Here is the process, in which I used Adobe Photoshop to edit:

Here is the final product:

I like how this one turned out a lot more than the previous attempt. It is more bold, and straight to the point to the title of the song. I also feel it fits the feel of the song better, with a strong, 80’s-like typography style, as well as an aged overlay to make it seem like a retro poster. I went with a wave effect in the text for the word ‘running’ as I felt this added movement to the image, and helped the word come alive. I stayed with the pink, blue and yellow tones of the original album cover, which was my original intention as I felt I wanted the two to be able to sit side by side together and match. I feel that it accomplishes that, while also being its own thing. I’m really happy with this design, and I’m glad I decided to rethink my ideas. I am able to take away from this project that first ideas are not always the best, and that trying again can accomplish even better results than your first.

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