IXD102 – Pocket Profile: Studio Dumbar

Studio Dumbar is a highly respected and influential Dutch graphic design agency, known for its work that has helped shape both local and global design for the past four decades. The company was founded by Gert Dumbar in 1977. Later on, after Dumbar retired, Michel de Boer took over as creative director, and then after that, in 2011, Liza Enebeis took over. Many of Studio Dumbar’s projects in the early 80’s caused uproar and distress among those who followed a more orderly aesthetic. However, by the late 80’s, a larger number of European designers were taking inspiration from Studio Dumbar.

“We create meaningful brands. From strategy to reality. We have an innate drive to make outstanding work. Pure. Simple. Powerful.”

Studio Dumbar describes itself as “an international branding agency specialised in visual identity and communication design.” What this means is that it creates every visible expression of a brand or organisation — offline and online. It has an international team of workers and designers, bringing new and unique ideas to the board every single day. The company also has a large and interesting range of clients, designing everything from experimental graphics for cultural clients to corporate identity programs and literature. The overall portfolio of Studio Du bar is incredibly diverse, and contains work both big and small in scale and impact. Included in these clients are Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis, Dutch Railways, Amsterdam Sinfonietta, Dutch Polica, TNT and Transavia, as well as the Dutch Government.

Whether they are familiar with the market they are producing for, or if they are completely unawares, the Studio aims to produce something that is filled to the brim with passion for design and ambition. It is a benchmark for diversity in the way of clients, business and culture, and prides itself on such.

Along with a wide scope of work, Studio Dumbar has won a large number of awards, being the third most awarded design outfit, beaten only by Apple and Pentagram. Some awards include the Communication Arts Typography Competition Award of Excellence, The Webby Awards Honoree, The European Design Awards Best of Show, and plenty more.

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