IXD101 – Introduction to CSS: Exercises

We were introduced to CSS this week, where we added CSS elements to our Baskerville and History of Type projects.


During class, we added a number of basic style elements to a CSS stylesheet, which I have uploaded to my GitHub.

We then began looking at linking or navigation within a single page, using our Baskerville page.

I added this to my HTML document, which served as the navigation:

<li>href=”#the-man”>The Man</li>
<li>href=”#the-typeface”>The Typeface</li>
<li>href=”#mrs-eaves”>Mrs Eaves</li>

Then, I added an ID to the correct section titles, to allow a link to form between the navigation and each chapter on the page.

<h2 id=”the-typeface”>The Typeface</h2>

History of Type

I then repeated the same process for my History of Type stylesheet, and changed a few elements within it such as text colours and background colours. A link to this can also be found on my GitHub.

I was a bit daunted at first by the amount of stuff to remember about stylesheets and HTML, but after some practice I have been able to pick up on it quite quickly, and am exciting to learn more about what I can do with CSS.

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