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#IXD103 Week 10 – Minor Task

For this weeks task, the class were asked by Daniel to select three different brands that are seen as respectful and create a divine emotional connection to the consumer. The three brands I chose are: Sainsburys Nike John Lewis Sainsbury’s Sainsburys is a widely known U.K. retail chain specializing in food, clothes and electronics. They…Continue Reading #IXD103 Week 10 – Minor Task

#IXD103 Week 10 – Lovemarks

Lovemarks: The Future Beyond Brands (2004) By Kevin Roberts This is a book that Daniel has recommended to us, it’s all about creating and maintaining a brand that is extremely worshiped beyond reasonable rationality and how emotional connection instigates a gateway for your brand becoming highly loved and respected by loyal consumers. While reading through…Continue Reading #IXD103 Week 10 – Lovemarks

#IXD103 Week 10 – Touchpoint

Daniel set us a task to create a touchpoint for our brand that creates an emotional connection between brand and consumer so I decided to create an animation for my website as this will make my brand feel more engaging and interactive. I want to incorporate this into my website for a interactive logo/loading icon….Continue Reading #IXD103 Week 10 – Touchpoint

#IXD103 – Website Wireframe Sketches

    Clean, structured layout Purple/grey/white colour palette Video/Gif introduction of monogram Navigation bar below video/gif — scrolling down locks it to the top of screen Abstract image and small about me section Two columns Footer contains social medias & outro…Continue Reading #IXD103 – Website Wireframe Sketches

#IXD103 – S.W.O.T Analysis & Goals

Create a S.W.O.T Analysis and outline the goals of your brand Strengths  Animative gifs/videos and not just static visuals  Responsive design and compatibility   Communicating through visual graphics and design without congesting the page  Simplistic yet stunning interface  Good idea of what I want my website to visually entail  Getting the important stuff across  Unique website  Animative logo  Typography  Creative …Continue Reading #IXD103 – S.W.O.T Analysis & Goals

#IXD104 – Master Apprenticeships Infographics

#Task – Recreate the following Master-Apprentice data chart exercises as accurately to the original image as possible. Week 7 Original Images: My Recreation:   Week 8 Original Images: My Recreation: Week 7 and 8 has introduced me into graphical data charts and allowed me to explore a variety of different ways to visually display data….Continue Reading #IXD104 – Master Apprenticeships Infographics

#IXD103 – Wordmark Development

Pinterest To start my research on wordmarks I decided to create a Pinterest board filled with a variety of san serif fonts. This includes fonts of all width, size, character, etc. Collecting all these different types of typography has inspired me and give me a better visualization of the style I want my wordmark to…Continue Reading #IXD103 – Wordmark Development

#IXD103 – Business Card Research

To start of with my business card research I must start looking at others to see how they’ve created it. Staying consistent of the simple nature and identity of my brand I want to create a simplistic design on my card and limit how much the visual elements are shown. I decided to create a…Continue Reading #IXD103 – Business Card Research

#IXD103 Week 6 – Application

In this class we look into implementing our brand onto a variety of different applications such as: Business Card Social Media Adverts Banners Website Email Signature HTML Email Campaigns Portfolio Packaging Studio Corporate Gifts Apparel – Clothing Merchandise Literature – brochures, posters Presentations / Prototypes App Sponsorship Food Vehicles What did I learn? In this…Continue Reading #IXD103 Week 6 – Application