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IXD302 – Blog Hand In

Weeks   Week 1  Week 2  Week 3  Week 4  Week 6  Week 8  Week 9  Week 10 (URL says week 9 only because it was saved as that)  Week 11    CV & Cover letter  Cover Letter Delivery Method  Acing the Design Task –…Continue Reading IXD302 – Blog Hand In

IXD301 Final Submission & Links to Blog

Portfolio Deliverable Blogs  Guidelines  Pinterest Portfolio Inspiration  Inspiration Research  Crazy 8s & Wireframe Sketches  Designing the Website  Digital Wireframes  User Job Stories  Google Trends  Site Map & Content Audit  Instagram Task  The Grid – Book Review  Responsive Web Design – Book Review …Continue Reading IXD301 Final Submission & Links to Blog

IXD301 – Illustrating Element Stories, Developing Prototypes & Refinement

Stories After sketching the narratives and stories of my elemental characters I was ready to make them digital. I decided to create/illustrate nearly all of my illustrations, iconography, etc on illustrator. The handy thing about using Adobe products is that you can drag and drop groups into each app without having to export them manually…Continue Reading IXD301 – Illustrating Element Stories, Developing Prototypes & Refinement

IXD301 – User Testing – Placards

As a designer, I have learned before I am not designing for myself, instead, I am designing for others, more appropriately, I am designing for children aged 8 – 10. I suddenly got an idea – instead of me creating a story for each character, how about the children create the stories for themselves. Although,…Continue Reading IXD301 – User Testing – Placards

IXD301 – Usability Testing

A good method of refining my work is to conduct usability tests. These tests involve watching people interact with my product. Fortunately, XD have a built-in feature that allows you to do this. The Script I decided to make a script with a set of instructions. This ensured that I covered all tasks for this…Continue Reading IXD301 – Usability Testing

IXD302 – Pitch – The Untapped Wearable Market – Article Review

The kid’s smartwatch market is beginning to take off through incentives such as health/fitness monitors, mood/sleep monitors and GPS trackers. Parents are also benefiting from these incentives as it gives them peace of mind and informs them about their child’s activities. Gap Intelligence published a great and interesting article by Karen Hartzman titled ‘Kids Wearables…Continue Reading IXD302 – Pitch – The Untapped Wearable Market – Article Review

IXD302 – Pitch Process & Reflection

Vita Pitch – What is my idea? The product which I will present at my pitch is a semi–modular smartwatch that helps specialize in monitoring children who have underlining health conditions. Using intuitive technology, this smartwatch uses LED lights combined with light-sensitive photodiodes to monitor the flow of blood. This information is then recorded and projected…Continue Reading IXD302 – Pitch Process & Reflection

IXD302 – Pitch Additional Research

What is arrhythmia?  An arrhythmia is an abnormal rhythm of the heart. In an arrhythmia, abnormal electrical signals through the heart muscle may cause the heart to beat too fast (tachycardia), too slow (bradycardia), or irregularly. When the heart doesn’t beat normally, it isn’t able to pump blood to the body as well. That means…Continue Reading IXD302 – Pitch Additional Research