IXD 302 – Applying for Future jobs


This week there where many online sessions to help boost skills and recieve advice on transitioning into a work environment. While I browsed all the events to sign up for, I also began working on my CV and cover letter. Luckily I already had a CV which I used to get my part time job, but since I last used it a lot has needed to be updated. The way for me to start would be to simply refine my current CV with the advice and guidelines Daniel gave us during this week’s lecture.

The advice I got in the lecture was very interesting, Daniel went over a lot of do’s and don’t’s for CV and while I hadn’t done any of the don’t’s I still found it useful to know I shouldn’t fall into the habit of making them. In my original CV I included my number which was something Daniel was against as random people could ring your number if you put your CV up on a portfolio website for example. Lucky for me the number on my CV was my previous phone number but it was still a precaution I was going to take when refining my CV.

In order to stand out from the crowd Danile encouraged us to look into different delivery methods of our CVs. The way Daniel presented his CV to one company was to post it in a postel tube to them, this opened my eyes as I only really thought of sending CVs through emails or on application forms.



Another thing Daniel went over was not to over design your CV or cover letter as keeping them simple is much better than adding a design to them. With that said I took all of the advice on board and I started a new CV taking information from my old one while combining it with new information while sticking to the advice Daniel gave us.

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