IXD 301 – Development for Building Portfolio


Something we must always start with is sketches, the best way to get ideas generated in your head is to sketch. Kyle taught us a way to generate ideas and kickstart your brain. This is known in the UX world as the “Crazy 8s”. The premise is to design 8 wireframes in 8 minutes, so 1 minute per wireframe. With the limited time the aim to get your brain to churn out ideas that you can take forth from there.

For the crazy 8 I choose to do a music app, just get myself back into the swing of making wireframes.

After the crazy 8s I kept going, I did more random wireframes. These where not based on the portfolio but they did give me the chance to get more wireframing practice in.

After I did some practice, I moved onto actually sketching out the portfolio with some rough drawings. Since we had to include case studies I made sure to dot in what I was going to include in these, this way I would know what I needed when I actually came to making the website.

I know I wanted to include a picture of me in the my home page so I made sure to illustrate that in the wireframes. The next step was to look at actually digitally making the wireframes into high resolution mock ups. These would be created for the upcoming critique.


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