IXD 301 – Portfolio Research and Inspiration

Inspiration and Research

Before getting started into making our portfolio the best thing to do is look at other designers portfolios to get inspiration. It is a good starting place to before embarking onto the next stages.



Segern’s front page is interesting and simple. You are greeted with the heading “Beyond Aesthetics” along with an abstract piece of art to compliment the heading. Below the heading is a small paragraph that sums up the work that the company does.

You then have the option to either click on one of the navigation bars above or scroll down to their showcased work. The direction to their work isn’t shown very well and could at first glance mean there isn’t any work to view.

Althought when you do scroll down you will find a good selection of work in a rather interesting format. If you continue to scroll downwards the work will move, making way for more work, almost in a conveyor belt style.

At the bottom of each page is their contact details, one issue I found with the website is the fact that the contact navigation button at the top does not work. Whether I was viewing the website when it was being worked on or something has happened which broke the sites contact page button. The footer does keep in line with the overall style of their website, simple designs. Although I found the text was little too dark for the black background.

This is an interesting page for their bio, but it shows all the work they do for companies. It has a nice layout and the way everything is listed almost is reminisant of doing a content audit with the way things are numbered. One glaring issue I found with their entire website is that their navigation at the top is sticky so it follows with users scroll, this is a quite annoying as it gets in the way of text if you’re reading it.

Overall I like the simple design they have going, but there are some issues present in this portfolio that I will be making sure I don’t have in mine. The colour scheme though is something I could replicate and use in mine.


Greg Christian


Greg’s portfolio is off to a great start, I absolutely love the black background with the white text, it adds a lot of good contrast and is extremely easy to read. What I like is that he has crossed out text almost as if these are other keywords to form a sentence that he has used previously. It says “Designer at” “Blockchain In” “New York City” other locations and what I can assume are other companies are crossed out. The way it is layed out leads the user down the story until they reach his work, which then is neatly presented.

After you scroll down you find his portfolio of work, which is neatly layed out. What I have found is his website is all one page, you just keep scrolling to get more information, but from what I can see he doesn’t have an about me section. Presumably he uses his twitter as his way of showing off who he is.

One thing I will say is the Identity projects is too dark, depending on the lighting conditions it might be quite hard to see that text. What I can assume here is companies he has worked for or was contracted to create work for.

At the bottom is his email along with some information about the website, stating it was designed in figma and then created using webflow. The only issue is, it’s too dark and hard to read.

Overall I really like the white on black he used for most of the website. What I don’t like is the lack of an about me page and the text being too dark.

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