IXD301 Week 5: Research & Recap

Week 5: Responsive Web Design

this week we had a look at responsive web design and the HTML and CSS coding behind it. This is something that a lot of us have covered however there are many who haven’t even heard of it. For me, this was more of a recap.

Things we covered:

  • Article Layout
  • Fractions and Repeat
  • Grid Positioning
  • Template Areas
  • Autofit
  • AutoFill
  • Implicit Rows
  • Image Grid
  • Justify & Align
  • Web Typography

What I Learnt:

This week was more of a recap for me than anything new, I had previously learned a lot about grids and responsive web design coding. WE covered some things to do with Webflow at the start which was the most helpful as this was my first time using Webflow and setting it up.


Webflow Showcase

Webflow has a showcase page where you can see what other people are doing and the websites they are creating. This spans from small individuals such as myself to large companies that specialize in web design.

Not only can you look at the website but you can also look at the build and take it apart.

That’s by far my favourite part.

And some even go as far as to do nice demonstrations of design ideas, practices or just downright silly stuff.

Extended attributes

This is an addon for Webflow that helps you create better design, clearer and quicker. This is made by a big independent web design company that like to share their tools with the community. it allows you to create effects animations and so much more using attribute tags.

Webflow University

Webflow university is great! it has loads of useful documentation on anything you want to do and can do in webflow. I used this a lot so far and I think I will be using it a lot more as I begin to polish up my website.

I looked at quite a few videos and pages on parallax animations and just basic animations in general and they helped so much. The combination of written documentation, Examples and Videos really help explain and customize the information. This was also great for when I saw something on a website and wanted to recreate it.


Overall I use Webflow university in conjunction with the Webflow showcase, and just any other cool websites I find, to help work out how to do things and how to implement them into my website.

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