IXD103 Week 4

This week we looked at visual identity and how monograms can be a vital part of a brand identity. To begin with, we looked at some popular brands and how their monogram is identifiable even with a small section. We then took a look at the different types of monograms.

  1. Pictorial
  2. Abstract

Abstract logos are usually used for brands that have a brand name that identifies what they do and whereas a pictorial logo requires an explanation as to what they are and what they do.

I liked looking at the development of the slack logo and how they overcame issues of cohesiveness

We then looked at some examples of monograms that others had created and the building process of some of the icons. Our task this week is to create a monogram to communicate what we are about.

What I Learnt:

When we looked at the slack logo design and monogram creations I found it really interesting how they had created designs and logos but didn’t use them as they were difficult to copyright. I would have never thought of considering copyright and the ease of copyright when designing a logo/brand. This is definitely something worth thinking about even though it might not affect me yet it could have an effect on some of my work in the future.


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