IXD101- 9 iterations

My initial idea following the 9 iterations design research project was climbing holds as it was something I had done quite a bit recently.













After taking some photos I took them home and I had always laughed and joked with friends about how they looked like faces so I took them into photoshop and did some sketches and drawings.













These were where I left it for a while, after fixing the cropping and sizing issues Paul brought up in a 1 to 1. Later I decided to do some sketches on paper, I was quite happy with how they turned out.




















Later I then decided I would draw more in my free time.





















For the portfolio website, I wanted to try to create a carousel image display. However, I also wanted you to be able to see the upcoming and previous images but I couldn’t get this to work so I ended up with this carousel after a few hours of tinkering.

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