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Week 2 Exercise Composition and Perspective

For this weeks lecture, we had started Composition and Perspective. I had watched videos and tutorials on blackboard from Alec’s videos on perspectives on images and looking at grids. This is the first time I have worked on grids and spirals for this course.

I had done my own composition and perspective this week. I took photos and drew grids over them, it wasn’t easy so I did what I could.

It’s not much but I’m glad I did my best. I found the other perspective very hard to do with multiple lines so I just went with the basics even if there not 100% good but it’s a start.

Shape and Form

I had learnt on drawing shapes and forms for my Week 1 exercise of Animation Studio. We had to pick three characters from any show or film and learn to draw them with lines and shapes. I watched Alec’s video on blackboard for practise. 

It was very fun and enlightening to do when drawing your favourite characters.

Ice Breaker

Today my team I had to took pictures for our icebreaker task by working as a team and giving our opinions around the area, to see which would meet the criteria for the task.

It was fun and creative in its own way.