IXD302: Local / International Design Firms



Paperjam is a branding and design studio based in Belfast’s cathedral quarter. They aim to create “engaging and impactful designs that deliver big results”. The company formed in 2003 so it is a well-established company with lots of experience under their belt which I think is good if a student were to get an internship there.

They have done a lot of work with branding which I am very interested in. One piece that stood out to me was the brand they created for Curated Kitchen. Their case study on this gives lots of interesting information on their process with this project.

One thing that I really liked was that they took inspiration from the premises of curated kitchen. They were heavily inspired by the ceiling pattern of the building. This can be seen across the branding and products they now use.

Sugar Rush Creative

They are a mobile app agency who design and develop apps for clients in the UK, Ireland, and USA. They are a passionate and forward-thinking company. I like how they value the user experience above everything as it shows they know what they are doing and that they prioritise user needs.

A project of theirs that I like is the gym buddy app. I really like the branding for it as its unique and memorable. The logo is also almost the same shape but flipped which I like.

I like how the user experience of the app is still excellent even though its quite a complex app. They also ensure it works well on all screen sizes. This shows the amount of time and consideration they have put into it.


Flint studios

This studio provides services such as, web design/development, e-commerce, content management and digital marketing. They are very passionate about user experience and making things as smooth and enjoyable as possible. They also value the bond between users and the interface they are using.

I like the work they did with Berlin Clothing for their app and website etc. They refined the navigation to ensure customers could get to products quicker. The overall design is clean, professional, and easy to use.





They are a UI/UX design agency based in San Francisco. They have a human-centred design approach which allows them to empathize with users, solve issues they may be facing and enhance their experience.

I think the app “In the Know” that they worked on was interesting. Its an app that helps native Chinese speakers learn English by bringing language learning into the real world. They organise the content into different scenarios that users might come across. I think this is much more effective than average language learning apps as it teaches you phrases you would use in everyday life. My favourite part was that you could open a camera feature and it would immediately translate what you are looking at.

I also think the overall design is very visually appealing and it appears to be easy to navigate.



Firefly are a branding and digital design agency based in Edinburgh. They enthusiastic about helping businesses form a connection with their target audience and promote themselves consistently across different platforms.

I like the work they have done with “watch collectors” in branding, logo design and web design. I think the colour pallet and typography they chose work really well with the brand and reflects their tone of voice.


Raw Studio

They are based in Sydney and specialise in market research, UX optimisation, user interface, branding, web development and app design. They really focus on design thinking and making interfaces that are easy to use.

I like the work that they did with Soho which helps people find their dream homes in a much easier way. The design is very clean and modern and the navigation seems very easy to use.


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