IXD104- Illustrator Research

I decided to research some illustrators for inspiration for my travel app.

Rogie King

Rogie is a designer, artist, illustrator, and a designer advocate at Figma. After looking further into his work, his illustrations really caught my attention. I feel that these can really inspire me for my travel app and other future projects.

I found these light/dark mode switcher icons. I really like the style of this as its cute, minimal, and visually appealing.

I also looked at some of his more detailed illustrations. Here are some of my favourites:

I like how much his illustrations vary from each other as it encourages me to try out different styles and techniques. I like his style and choice of colour as I feel it is attention grabbing. When I begin my own illustrations for my travel app, I will be referring to some of his work for inspiration.


Vic Bell

I have looked at some of Vic’s work in the past and her work always inspires me. As I am designing a travel app, I wanted to look at some of the illustrations she made for an app called ‘Blink’. This app is for front-line workers to communicate with colleagues and have all their work in one place.

I think some of these early illustrations were beautifully designed. I really like the attention to detail, the pastel colour pallet and the soft, light feel it has. This is one of my favourite styles of illustration and it really inspires me to try it in my own work.

More recently, they have changed up the style of the app. I think these are more sophisticated and suit the purpose of the app more. Although I really liked the first illustrations, this shows me the importance of designing for the target audience.

The more I learn about illustrating, the better I can look at these and break down each element to see how it was created. Looking into other people work, seeing their styles and techniques has made me eager to begin the process of designing and illustrating my travel app.

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