IXD101- 9 Images

100 Iterations Project~

From my previous post, I have changed some of my chosen images of ‘Points’ so it fits my narrative better. The 9 images I have chosen are shown below:

Pictures 2,3 and 6 are my own first hand images and the others are from Pinterest and other online resources.


Digital Recreations:

I decided to recreate all 9 images digitally using Figma. I chose to create them digitally over any other medium as I felt I could capture the bright colours of the fruit best this way. I used the colour picker so the colours in the recreated image would be as similar as possible to the original.

I made the background colour of each fruit group the same for consistency. This will make it look more visually appealing when posted to Instagram. I also changed the colour of the 8 red apples to green so it looked like they were part of the same group. I enjoyed playing about with colours, shapes, shading, shadows and highlights in order to best recreate the images.

To connect the images together, I created a narrative.

Narrative: This is the story of three groups of fruit: Kiwis, Apples and Oranges. Their goal is to have the biggest number in their group. The kiwi’s start with 1, then 4 and end with 7. The apples start with 2, then 5 and end with 8. The oranges start with 3, then 6 and end with 9. The oranges end with the highest number. All of the images are connected in a way. If you go from left to right, one extra ‘point’ is added each time.


Instagram Post

I used my design Instagram account to present my final piece, here is the link to the post:




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