IXD304 Apollo Project : More From The Big Screen

Part of the content we were given to include was info on all the films related to the Apollo Program. I was thinking it would be a cool idea to have them in the last page as like when graphic novels have other comics recommended on the inside of the cover.


For the design of this page I decided to take inspiration from the different aspects of retro cinema and theatre like the lit up signs and the tickets.


I then sketched out my ideas…

Once I felt happy with what I’d come up with I took to illustrator…


On Illustrator I made the big sign for the big header at the top of the page, I made the tickets shapes and added the boarder to the movie posters.

Then I went into Adobe XD to do the rest. I’ve been very apprehensive to markup all my content as is because I knew it would all depend on the visuals and where the type would be placed ie.size of the text boxes. For the movie descriptions, I wanted to place them in the ticket stubs, and for most it work fine, the margins weren’t the same for each but that’s fine because it gives it more of that hand rendered feel that I want. That said there were some descriptions that were just way too long so I had to do some rewriting. That’s my approach to the written content going forward, I’m not gonna know for the most part if it’ll all fit right until I get to designing the panel but ideally I don’t have to do a whole lot of rewriting.

I did also experiment a little with sub headers but I ended up picking CCMonsterMash for the job.

Later on I made a background for this page similar to the cover one, just to make this page a bit more spectacular and I think it did the trick…

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