IXD304 Apollo Project: Illustrations and Backgrounds

My initial idea was to incorporate lots of panels with hand drawn illustrations but I’ve come to realise that it’s not realistic time wise so I’ve decided to rely more on using photographs to tell the story. That said, I did decide to draw some things, mainly the rocket and then the different parts. What I did was looked at the ideas in my sketch book and then I determined what I should draw and what would work just as well as an image.


For inspiration I of course looked at the fantastic four comics in particular…

I decided to I wanted to try and replicated that sort of line art with my illustrations. Strangely bold outlines and block colours is my personal art style already so it worked out really well in that way.

What I do is start out with a more realistic life drawing and then I deliberately make whatever it is less realistic by using bold outlines and bold colours with minimal shading. For this project I thought I’d do similar but digitally and maybe trace things out where I can so I’m not spending ages on it.

So for the most part that’s what I did. For example, with my service module that I wanted on the cover, I found an image that gave me a good look at the details and then I traced them out. And cleaned up my lines and made it more my style.

I was essentially learning how to use photoshop her so the line work did take a while but I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Once I had the line work done I took my historically accurate colour palette and made it interesting…

This is basically what I did for my other illustrations. I’d trace the details, and some character to the line work and then colour it in. Also I had to add flames aswell.


For inspiration when i came to backgrounds I one again looked at comics and tried to emulate some of what I saw.

My approach using photoshop was to start off with a navy colour and add depth to that by using some halftones in black around the lace and then add stars everywhere.


This all took a surprisingly and painfully long time to do but I think it was worth it. Just look at the difference it makes to the cover page…


I think it adds something spectacular to the overall experience.

For the other backgrounds I experimented with different screen tones options and settled on the dots that I put down in a sort of gradient of smaller to bigger dots.


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