IXD304 : Week 5 Lecture Reflection

First things first, here are the notes I wrote out on what was covered in this weeks lecture…

In this week’s lecture we looked at visual storytelling and narratives in print and film, and how we can take inspiration from these mediums when designing narrative experiences for screens.

I learned a lot about the subtle intricacies of graphic design in film. We looked at the works of Simon Wild and Annie Atkins in particular who both do some fabulous stuff. I particularly adored Atkins’ work for The Grand Budapest Hotel and so I went ahead and followed her on instagram so I can continue to see the cool things she creates.

We also looked a lot about we can take what we see in the structures used in books and films and use a similar approach to our projects. As an enjoyer of super hero movies, I’m a bit worried about now being aware of the 3 act structure ruining my marvel watching experience but I think I’ll be fine if I try not to think about it too much and there’s something satisfying about ones plot predictions coming true, but then again there is also something often more satisfying about ones predictions being surpassed too. Oh well, that’s enough of that tangent.

I also found it really interesting looking at Kubrik works to understand things like transitions and perspective. I’m not a horror gal really ( I do like creepy stuff to be sure but I hate jump scares) but this lecture has made me think I should finally give the Shining a watch.

Overall I found this lecture really interesting and informative, and  it’s probably my favourite one so far.

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