IXD303 Healthcare Project : Name, Logo and Typography


I put a lot of weight on choosing the right name because even though I had a loose idea of the vibe I wanted my app to have aswell as what the name should encapsulate, whatever I chose the name to be would drive the overall style and aesthetic choices I’d be making for the app.

It took some brainstorming (and checking the app store to see if names were already in use) but eventually I settled on the name “Mend” as I feel like it encapsulate all that I want this brand to stand for, taking the you that is in a bit of a shambles at the moment both in terms of emotional and physical well being, and building yourself back up with the support of the app as an easy and accessible way of building a healthy routine.

Visual Marque / Logo

Once I had a name for my product, my next step was to come up with a visual marque or logo for it. This is another element that is going to drive my future design decisions particularly for iconography and illustrative style as well if I decide to do illustrations.

I first refreshed my memory of logos and visual marques by reading through the section on them from the book “”Designing Brand Identity” book by Alina Wheeler for a bit more insight.
I then looked at my visual marque board on Pinterest  to help me spark ideas.
I wanted to incorporate a plaster shape into the logo because it fits well with the concept of mending. I also wanted it to look health and wellbeing focused so I looked at those kind of apps for inspiration as well.
At this point I had also started a mood board on Pinterest for this project which you can find here.
With that I started sketching ideas…
Then I took my sketches and realised them on illustrator. I had to do a bit of experimentation but eventually I came up with a design that I felt was right.


After I had designed my visual marque, it was time to pick the type to go with it. I need a type face for the logo and headers but also one for body copy and buttons (preferably lots of font weight options for that one).

I also referred to this book by Ellen Lupton, ‘Thinking With Type’ which has pretty much everything you would need to consider about type so I learned a lot from reading it previously so it was a really good refresh for my mind on typography.

I then looked at my typography and wordmark pinterest boards for some inspiration as with as other trendy health apps for inspiration.

 I also looked at the health/fitness section of Fonts In Use  for inspiration aswell.
I then rifled through every foundry of adobe fonts and picked out all the fonts and then took to illustrator and tested them all out with the visual marque and kept whittling them down till I settled on ones I liked.
I settled on ‘Harri Text’ for the logo and ‘Aglet Sans’ for body copy and buttons

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