IXD301 : Portfolio Final Update


Since my last post about my portfolio site here are some things I’ve done.

New Case Study

I added a new case study on my Times New Roman Type Specimen since I think it’s the most stylistical different from my other case studies. This is because I feel like I needed to show a bit more variety to companies I’m applying to for placement.


Adding Sketches

I added sketch buttons that take you to pdfs of my sketches for that project. you may be wondering, “Laura, why wouldn’t you just include your sketches in the body of the text?” Well you see I didn’t want them to mess up the nice neat and flowy composition of my case studies. Not just that though, because I also want people to feel like I’m letting them look into my sketchbook. Segmenting all my sketches out just doesn’t have the same effect.

I made the tragic mistake of using CamScanner which left a horrid water mark on my sketches so I had to carefully edit them out after positioning all of them in illustrator. I tried to incorporate my brands building block elements to empty space in the pages. I think this ties them in with the site design.

Just for reference…

Fixing Alignment Issues

I also fixed some general alignment issues. Most of my top sections weren’t aligned to the central content of the pages and so I wanted to fix that as well as aligning things as much as I could to the log int the nav bar. This was really hard because I’ve been working on my. little mac book screen and a larger monitor screen and depending on which one I’m on it can skew the layout on the other screen size. Eventually though I found a positioning that worked differently but well on each screen.





I was also having a mysterious issue were on one case study the grid of images would be messed up and then I would fix it. Then I’d go to a different case study with the same sort of problem and then I would check back on that other study and it would be all messed up again. I figured out that some how both of these grids were under the same class and so that was responsible for the whole tug of war situation they were doing. I was able to fix it by changing the class of one of the grids.


I had started to work on the responsive web design for each screen type but because i WAS under pressure and panicked about just have my portfolio up and running  for applying to job and subsequent interview so I sort of left that task to the wayside. Shame on me. Not to worry though because I did get back to hat was a very painstaking and tedious process getting every page to sit right on every type of screen. Even though it was a tedious process on web flow I imagine  it would be much more of a painful and time consuming process with html so I’m glad I made the switch.

An example of the mess it was before…


(Believe it was much worse than this I especially with the images but I forgot to take screenshots.)




Double Checking My Case Studies

I re read my case studies a few times to make sure I didn’t leave spelling at grammatical errors in my final submission. I also had some family members read them to make sure that they read well to people besides. myself. There were some phrasing  and things I had to cut out because I may have been a bit too shady. For instance I called times new roman “apathetic” and because that was too harsh I changed it to “disregarded” instead. I also had to take out a sentence where I may have implied that Trip Advisor was boring and utilitarian. Other than that though they all read well apparently.


I then made sure all my buttons were working correctly to take you where you need to go. Buttons where actually a huge pain to position when working on smaller screens and I don’t really fully understand why they wouldn’t do what I wanted most of the time. I had to make some compromised=s because of this but I Think it worked out ok for the most part.

Cut For Time

Lastly I wanted to add a simple tree illustration to my about me page which would showcase my skills but because the Aligning everything right on all the different screens took so much time I just wasn’t able to digitise it before the hand in. i have planned it out though so I will be adding it in eventually. It’s just a shame I couldn’t make the deadline with it. That said I’m really pleased with what I was able to get done. I think it reflects my brand and who I am super well.


You can find my portfolio site here.

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