IXD301 Elements Project : Final Update

0Here are some things I worked on to finish my prototype that I haven’t discussed in previous posts yet…

Periodic Table Screen

I worked on a zoomed in version of the periodic table of progress from the home screen.



Prototype Screen


Unpacked Items

Here I sketched designed the 4 other items I hadn’t added yet…


Prototype Screens



Adding The Facts

I decide kind of last minute to add little illustrations that correlate with each fact to make it more engaging so I did some quick sketches and then went into illustrator before adding and aligning all the text and everything in my Prototype.


Prototype Screens



Congratulations Screen

I also worked on the congratulations screens for after you learn about each element.


Prototype Screens


Other Changes

There were also some other minor changes I made as well like fixing some alignment issues and some more specific changes like…

Notification Button

I added a notification button to the home screen which lets you know when you unlock new items, styles and games etc.

From Usability Testing

I also made some changes based on the results of my usability testing like making the periodic table on home one big button instead of just the wee zoom button for instance.

Cut for Time

Here are are some other ideas I had for screens and features that I didn’t have time to develop further…

Final Prototype

You can find my prototype here.

I’m really happy with all that I’ve accomplished in this module and really proud of my Elements Project. I hope it’s reflective of the love and hard work I put in to designing it.

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