IXD302 Week 1 : Module Introduction

On Friday was the first lecture of this semesters Ixd302 module on Creative Entrepreneurship. In this lecture we were given an introduction to the module as well as a plan is for the weeks ahead. We also started  considering jobs and what kind of companies we’d want to work for.

Here are my notes with everything that was covered…


Right now I’m getting kinda stressed about the idea of going on placement. Getting a placement opportunity is seeming to be the core focus of both modules this semester and I don’t know, it just feels weird because this is the first year we’re actually in the studio and now all the talk is about heading somewhere else. I think though, that as we progress through this module I’ll start feeling better about it and my abilities and I’ll hopefully secure one. The next thing for me to do is start looking into companies I ‘d like work for.

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