IXD301 Week 1 : Content Audit and Site Map

In this weeks lecture we were introduced project which is to design a portfolio site. We looked at how to get started and were given the task of doing up a content audit and site map for our portfolio sites.

Content Audit

In class we were given a simple example on the whiteboard and an explanation of what to do.

I was still a little confused about how to get started so I did a bit more research online. Here some of the resources I found online that helped me understand better…

The next step was to look at some examples of portfolio site to know what I should have in mine so that I can put together a content audit for it. Some of the portfolios I looked at include Dawson Andrews, Hicks Design, jrutlanddesign, Clever Birds, Dockyard and Alex Coven.


I then started writing out a content audit. It tool a bit of scribbling out and starting over but eventually I figured it out and took out the sparkly pens. I’m sure it’s not perfect or exactly what a content audit should look like but it makes sense to me and I think that’s what matters.


Site Map

Just like with the content audit we were given a simple example on the whiteboard and an explanation of what to do in class.


I found it alot easier to understand how to sketch out a site map so with my content audit and the sites I had looked know what a portfolio should be like, I was able to get stuck in.


I think these tasks were really beneficial for me to undertake as it helped me online the things I really need in my site and also how it should all be presented. These will be very helpful guides for me as i continue to design. my portfolio site.

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