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IXD304 – Creating a Brand

In order to begin sketching ideas for my project and creating mock-ups of my designs, I firstly need to create a brand identity. I gathered some more research and design inspiration, as my ideas have altered a bit since I had last taken a look at inspiration. I originally wanted to go for very techno-wave…Continue Reading IXD304 – Creating a Brand

IXD304 – Week Two: Typography (Micro and Macro)

Today’s class was all about typography, and the importance of it in a design concept. Bringhurst Typography exists to honour content There is a style beyond style Read the text before designing it Web design is 95% typography. 95% of the information on the web is written language. Mark-up and Meaning H1-H6 Introductory paragraphs Blockquotes…Continue Reading IXD304 – Week Two: Typography (Micro and Macro)

IXD304 – Space Moodboard

Kyle asked us to create a moodboard for our Apollo project, by compiling images relating to our ideas and design influences. Because I’m steering in the direction of a retro-inspired design, to fit with the late 60’s-early70’s feeling, I want to incorporate that into my research. I decided to create a Pinterest board to gather…Continue Reading IXD304 – Space Moodboard