IXD304 – Creating a Brand

In order to begin sketching ideas for my project and creating mock-ups of my designs, I firstly need to create a brand identity.

I gathered some more research and design inspiration, as my ideas have altered a bit since I had last taken a look at inspiration. I originally wanted to go for very techno-wave retro 80’s design, whereas I felt it would be more relevant to try something that reminded people more of 70’s and 60’s.

I created a new pinterest board to gather all of my ideas together, which can be found here.


One of the most important parts of creating a brand identity is choosing suitable typefaces to suit the brand. I wanted to use a font that would convey sophistication and professionalism, as well as give a timeless look which would reflect the theme of space.

I thought Roboto would be the best choice for this. It’s a gorgeous, simple yet sophisticated font which I love, and use for a lot of my projects, mainly for the body of my texts. However, I want to use Roboto as the entirety of my typeface for my website, as it gives a lot of different weights and versions which I can play around with.

Another font I considered using was a free font called Guyon Gazebo, and while I really liked it and the 60’s vibe it gave off, I felt that it wasn’t really giving the simple and sophisticated look I was going for. I just came across this font while searching through sites such as 1001 fonts and dafont, so I will be keeping it in mind for future projects. It is really nice, and tends to the 70’s come-back and fashion trend going on right now.

Colour Scheme

Choosing a suitable colour scheme for my branding was my next step. I didn’t want anything too in your face or complicated, and I’ve always favoured black and white as a simple yet effective colour scheme, although I have found that adding a third accent colour to a black and white colour scheme often adds so much.

Because of this, I decided to go with black (or a very dark grey), white and orange. The orange I thought was relevant to spaceflight, as it is reminiscent of flames, the sun and stars, as well as the colour of the ships and the accents around the spacesuit.


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