IXD301 Wk11:- Working On Element Game

At this point I began to add the necessary changes to my elements game

I started with redesigning the main element for my game.

Once I had my redesign I felt that it matched the original vision that I had with my sketch and was a lot happier with the new design



I then went onto  onboarding

I started by considering all of the things that I learnt in the onboarding video that I watched. I then went on to ask myself what was important for the user to know in order to play the game and how could I summarise it. I decided that the important things to know it that you:

  • Find the hidden elements
  • Select It
  • Read the important information in relation to the element.

These were the important information and everything else could be left out.

I then decided to pair the instructions with icons in order to make make the onboarding more appealing. I tried to create icons that are easily recognizable and that a kid would understand.

With this all done I started creating my onboarding screens in Figma.














During my onboarding creation I gave each screen its own colour that relates to the brand so that each screen would be slightly different but they would all still be able to come together and create the brand.


Next I began working on the element fact sheet. Instead of a pop up I made it take up the full screen instead. I then created images of the different everyday element objects so that it could be seen by the kids. I also made the elemental fact screens different colours that all relate to the brand instead of all being the same colour


With that it felt as if I almost had a new app due to the changes

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