IXD301 Wk10:- Preparation For Presentation

This week I began planning the presentation that I would have to do at the end of the year. The presentation would have to be about 10 minutes long and would have to entail information about the two projects that were worked on this year, portfolio site and element project

With the information that I gained from this week lecture and the Apple Presentation that I watched I felt ready to start preparing for my own presentation.

I started by considering which points I wanted to be within my presentation.

These were:

  • Portfolio Inspiration
  • Portfolio Development
  • Final Portfolio
  • Elemental Project Inspiration
  • Elemental Project Brand
  • Elemental Project Development
  • Final Elemental Project

I then created a slide deck in order to help for when I am designing my presentation. The slide deck sketch will help me structure and prepare my content. It will allow me to arrange where everything will go and see what my presentation may look like

Slide Deck Sketch:

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