IXD103 Wk10:- One Step Beyond

A task was given to create a touch point for my brand. It could be anything but its purpose is to create a emotional response to my brand.

In class we were given two and a half hours to create the touchpoint and afterwards it was to be reviewed.

At the start I could not think of a touchpoint to create that would have some emotional connection to my brand. I then began to compile to search for different touchpoint ideas (notebook, water bottle, home screen, pen etc.) and I ended up deciding that my touchpoint will be stickers, specifically thank you stickers. I thought thank you stickers would be a good idea as I can add then to envelopes or orders etc and it will be a way of showing my clients that I am appreciative but it would also create an emotional rapport with them.

I then compiled images of thank you stickers for inspiration







I then went into Illustrator and began to work on my own stickers

My designs-

I wants a big fan about my designs but I did have a vision for them which I liked.

I then received feedback from my original designs.




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