IXD103 Wk10:- Brand TouchPoint

After the class about different brand touchpoints and using them to create a emotional bond with the customer I then decided that I would create more brand touchpoints for my business.

I started off by looking for a website or software that I could use to produce high quality mock-ups. That’s when I found Artboard Studio which was a great app that allowed me to create brilliant mock-ups.

I then started thinking about a touchpoint that I wanted to create. I decided to go with a notebook as I felt that it is something that everyone uses and within my brand it will be something that both customers and I can make great use of

I then created my touchpoint

I decided to rite the phrase “Potential Ideas Within” as I felt that it would be a good way of showing that the user has the potential to think of great ideas and jot it down in the notebook.

To create the warp effect I actually used the crossbar from my monogram an I expanded it and placed it in the corners. I really liked the idea of using the crossbar flick as a prominent element through out my brand and that is something that I plan on exploring more

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