IXD101 Class Exercise:- Gestalt Principle, Fibonacci Sequence and The Golden Ratio

(See Lecture Notes)

In class we learnt about the Gestalt Principle and that when you design a app or webpage you need to consider the layout and where everything will the go and the space that will be occupied.

As a task we had to pick three apps from our phones and create their layout with squares and shapes as this is one of the core principles that go into app design.



This was my initial one that I created within a few minutes. It was a good first start but decided I decided to go back and change it including changing the apps that I used which were previously 1) Snapchat, 2)Instagram and 3)Messenger





I ended up really liking my templates once I had done them again.

These are my new ones: –






























The website Type Scale was used to change the size of our manifestos in order for them to follow The Golden Ratio.

We also discussed how the emphasis of certain words in the manifesto may end up changing the meaning and how its up to the creator to decide what they want the user to focus on/take away from the creation





We learned about the  Fibonacci’s Sequence, we then had to use the sequence to edit our points, lines and planes that we had done earlier. Fibonacci’s sequence was is very important in app and web design as it helps with the layout and position of everything and helps the web page/app to become aesthetically pleasing


I also used this as a chance to update some of my previous designs.






















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