IXD101 Class Exercise:- Typography

In class we studied typography.

(See Lecture Notes)

I had to recreate letters by either adding or taking away from they. This was a way to show that you should not take things at face value instead look for ways you can push the limit. I decide to use the letters E & A and see what I do with them. For the E I was interested in seeing if I could change its shape and to achieve this I made the top and bottom lines into points. For the A I decided to use the small triangle space in between as a canvas so I widened the space into a oval like shape and inserted a triangle into the oval.








I also had to mesh two letters or numbers together in order to create something new.

Here is what I came up with:-


 A & 7





X & 8






H & L





Z & S






E & 4





V & J





Another exercise that we had to do was to rearrange the placing of words in a poster for a tour.

This was my attempt:-




I decided to make the tour name “Mind Over Muscle the biggest followed by who was preforming as I thought they were the two most valid pieces of information



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