Monogram progress

Why do I need a wordmark or word monogram

It makes you recognisable, It forms the basis of a lot of our communication. It can form the basis of everything.

Initial monogram designs

I created these initial ideas using Figma; I was really interested in the layering of the letter as it produced quite an interesting design. These are my favourite designs; they consists of my initials.

Tutor feedback

It does not have to be a monogram, it could be a watermark.

I should maybe try to use sharp shapes or points – make it different. Shapes can form part of the visual language later on.

I need to start on paper first, it will give me more freedom to experiment and broaden my ideas.

The typeface I used for my initial design ideas is too thin, it makes it look not fully formed. The typography used is doing me no favours, It’s like I am fighting it. It is restricting my creativity. Bold lines can come across as more confident and sophisticated.

Daniel likes the rectangular one in the middle ( 3rd row) It is one of the ones I liked the most also.

Avoid trying to do a name instead of your own as you may not like it in later years. Stick to your own name.

Pinterest moodboard:

After taking the feedback on board, I started sketching out some of my ideas.

Here is a link to my Figma logo draft.

Here is what my final monogram design looks like:

I created this monogram by joining my 2 initials (E and U). I liked its abstract nature as it kind of looks whimsically inventive . I would love to create an animation out of this monogram, I think it would be a great way to apply my logo to as many aspects of my brand as possible.

I could also use the logo design as an illustration design.

I decided to create an icon illustration, I started off by sketching out some ideas. I decided to focus on creating a simple line illustration of myself focusing on my defining qualities.

I then tried to explore my idea further using Procreate


Although I like the idea I am not sure I will be using it as part of my brand. I feel like the monogram has enough character and that adding this illustration would only take away from that.

Having said this, it was a fun learning experience.

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