Icon recreation

We were encouraged to take a master–apprentice approach to our studies and development as artist; searching for artists and in some cases reproducing their work to learn new skills and improve.

We were tasked with breaking things down, analyzing and reproducing them.

I will now reproduce an Icon set given my my professor; that I could use for my Project 01 (travel app) or simply just as a learning experience. I will be using figma to complete this task.


I began by attempting 3 of the blue icons, bellow are my outcomes.



OK, so I made them supper small ( Clearly I didn’t think it through) and so when I made them bigger they became pixelated – It was really annoying as I had done quite a few in this way which meant they were no good. In a more positive note, I learnt an important lesson.


I wanted to really challenge myself so I attempted to do the map from the second set of icons; this one was more complex than I thought as there were curves involved in the design. Overall I am quite pleased with my final outcome. I need to practice more as they took me an embarrassing amount of time to finish.




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