Month: April 2022

#IXD303 – Designing the Brand

In any effective brand, designers must first contextually outline and attributes, values, etc to guide their brand in a certain direction. I have done this on my previous ‘Defining the brand’ blog you can find here. Why Breezy? For my name I want it to be reflective of my values, visual identity and mental wellness….Continue Reading #IXD303 – Designing the Brand

#IXD303 – Defining the Brand Strategy

Before I continue any further on creating the visual identity and design of my brand, I need to start defining and reinstating some of my brand values. Doing this ultimately helps me define, categorize and re-establish my brand values creating a stronger visual impact. Defining the Mission Vision Before I start I must create a…Continue Reading #IXD303 – Defining the Brand Strategy

#IXD303 – Emotional Design

What is it? Emotional Design is a term populated by Donald Arthur, which is an approach in design to make creative interfaces that trigger positive emotional responses from users, as these emotions can create a positive perception of the product in the view of the users. Don Norman’s Three Levels of Emotional Design 1. Visceral…Continue Reading #IXD303 – Emotional Design

#IXD303 Week 7 – Critique & Refinement

View Critique PDF Here Today’s class consisted of each other giving group presentations of our healthcare product so far which included the brand guidelines, sketches and a few screens from the app. I extremely enjoy these type of sessions as it gives us the opportunity to not only reflect on our work and make refinements but…Continue Reading #IXD303 Week 7 – Critique & Refinement

#IXD303 – Vulnerability in Children Research

While coming together and engaging in collaborative research sessions, a topic that we all discussed more than once was vulnerability in children. Additionally, much of my research into the implementation of technology in healthcare seamlessly scaved the direction that could benefit children/young people who are in need. However, further information was to be done to…Continue Reading #IXD303 – Vulnerability in Children Research

#IXD303 – Designing for Users with Anxiety or Panic Disorders

I’ve found an extremely helpful and interesting article which I will be reviewing today in this blog about designing for users with anxiety or panic disorders. This will be extremely helpful to implement my design problem and provide the best experience possible for my users. In 2013, 12% of the UK population had reported cases…Continue Reading #IXD303 – Designing for Users with Anxiety or Panic Disorders

#IXD303 – Area of Interest & Frame Your Design Challenge

During our research sessions, one of the areas that were discussed frequently between all of us was mental wellness and vulnerability in individuals. Additionally, in my technology implementation research, I discovered a variety of technologies and countless ways to implement and use them in the healthcare field. However, I noticed a lot of this research…Continue Reading #IXD303 – Area of Interest & Frame Your Design Challenge

#IXD303 – Interviewing a Counsellor

An area that I am limited to is interviews, this is one of the first times I’ve conducted a user interview in this scenario so before I get into I have to prepare for it. Additionally, in the UX field, there is a large emphasis on user interviews, these help me ask questions to determine…Continue Reading #IXD303 – Interviewing a Counsellor