#IXD303 – Defining the Brand Strategy

Before I continue any further on creating the visual identity and design of my brand, I need to start defining and reinstating some of my brand values. Doing this ultimately helps me define, categorize and re-establish my brand values creating a stronger visual impact.

Defining the Mission


Before I start I must create a vision statement for my product, this helps with maintaining consistency throughout the form by guiding our decision-making to help us meet long-term goals by providing a brief encouragement that a product needs to achieve this. Additionally, the vision statement will outline ‘what’ the company/product will eventually look like.

  • Don’t make a vision statement that can apply to any product/company
  • Keep it short & simple
  • Revisit the vision as the product has been tested

Vision Statement

“To enhance the lifes of family dynamics”


Mission Statement

In the real world, mission statements allow companies to create a long-term (years) margin, I will be instead shortening this down to the completion of my module in May. Some of the questions that can be helpful in making the mission statement:

  1. What can we realistically achieve?
  2. What problems does the product intend to solve?
  3. What are the changes we believe the product can make for individuals – or even the industry?
  4. How will things be different if the vision is realised?
  5. What phrases or keywords describe the type of organisation and outcome we want?

Mission Statement

“To offer a constructive communicative portal for guardians and children that forms positive relationship growth”


A good set of values help us validate and guide a unique and distinctive set of core beliefs that will reflect the product’s attitudes and behaviors. This is extremely important in creating a well-defined and consistent brand both psychologically and visually. It helps us establish brand loyalty and uniqueness.

Bland terms such as “reliable” or “friendly” aren’t inciting and engaging enough to establish clarity of values. I need something that is representative of both the designers and users. I good way that I have established this is by studying my target users from interviews, additionally, competitor analysis are extremely helpful too.

My Values

  • Establishing trust
  • Embracing difference
  • Allowing expressions
  • Enthusiasm & togetherness
  • Reaching ambitions
  • Sparking Engagement
  • Represent belonging
  • Establishing safeness


Confirming Target Audience

Through my previous research, I have established a unique and favorable target audience for my intended product. Below I have created a scale based on my findings to establish an age range for my younger target audience. This is fundamental in helping me establish a clear and representative goal in both my visual design and values. For my healthcare app, I intend to have two sections; one for young people and the other for parents/guardians.

User 1

Category: Pre Teen

Age: 11

Bio: This child often suffers from anxiety and has difficulty communicating his problems to adults.


User 2

Category: Early Teen

Age: 14

Bio: This teen suffers from autism and has a hard time communicating and understanding their parent’s needs and demands.


User 3

Category: Young Parent

Age: 17 – 24

Bio: Unequipped and inexperienced, this young parent has difficulty coping with her child’s problems,


User 4

Category: Parent/Guardian

Age: 30 – 40

Bio: This parent finds it hard to juggle both her life (work) and her child’s problems.

Defining the Brand Persona

Brand personas are a collection of personality traits and attitudes that help showcase my brand to connect with my intended audience. It acts makes people turn brands into people and imagine me in my customer’s shoes. I have decided to create a spectrum scale (1-10) and visually interpret how my brand persona will fit in these areas.



What’s next?

The next step I will be creating the visual side of my brand, by conducting, defining and evulating the brand, it should aid me in creating a succseful and uniquly fun expierrence and visual design in my product.








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