Day: April 21, 2022

#IXD303 – Mock-Ups & User Flow

Site Map Working on my continuation of the information architecture to my healthcare app, I decided it would make my life easier to create a sitemap that looks at the structural flow of my pages and their relationship to each other. I’ve never made a site map this in-depth before, however, it has been fundamental…Continue Reading #IXD303 – Mock-Ups & User Flow

#IXD303 – Interviewing Parent & Child

The interview: *Note* – Unfortunately, the parent’s child didn’t want to conduct an interview in the end, so I will have to do with the interview above. Challenges Highlighted Lack of guidance Has no way of monitoring son Struggles to find a balance between a full-time job and supporting her son Frustrated due to a…Continue Reading #IXD303 – Interviewing Parent & Child

#IXD303 – Empathy Maps, User Journeys & Storyboards

Empathy Map Initially, I had created this empathy map based on the parent’s perspective – struggling to communicate with their child who is suffering from a mental disorder. Through previous user research such as interviews and surveys, I’ve collected a sufficient amount of insights to look at a parent’s POV and how they behave when…Continue Reading #IXD303 – Empathy Maps, User Journeys & Storyboards

#IXD303 – Best Practices for Onboarding Users in Health Apps – Article Review

A good onboarding experience is essential for user experience. It provides users with all the required information they need to know, uses and understanding of the application – without leaving them to assume how to work and utilise the application. The article by Sunpreet Narang provides an overview of important things to consider when designing…Continue Reading #IXD303 – Best Practices for Onboarding Users in Health Apps – Article Review

#IXD303 – Wireframes Sketches

  Mindmapping the features Below I have created a mindmap routing all the possible features that I can put in the app. I found this extremely beneficial as it has allowed me to cover a diverse range of different means of adding appliances to the app.   Crazy 8’s (or 5’s….) One activity I love…Continue Reading #IXD303 – Wireframes Sketches

#IXD303 – Designing the Brand

In any effective brand, designers must first contextually outline and attributes, values, etc to guide their brand in a certain direction. I have done this on my previous ‘Defining the brand’ blog you can find here. Why Breezy? For my name I want it to be reflective of my values, visual identity and mental wellness….Continue Reading #IXD303 – Designing the Brand