#IXD303 – Personal SWOT Analysis

As I am this far into my mental wellness healthcare product for pre-teens/early teens I think it’s a good time to do a SWOT analysis on my own app to help me understand the strengths, weaknesses, challenges and opportunities that my app poses. It is a good way to evaluate the situation and confirm my footing. My app is about connecting a communicative bridge between parents and their children of whom suffer from mental disorders such as anxiety or mild to moderate autism.

Swot Analysis 


  • Cost-effective
  • Unique and untapped area of interest
  • Global distribution
  • Overall strong and appealing app/brand image
  • Help families connect
  • Could help diagnoses e.g. bullying in school
  • Provide the user’s a safe space
  • Easily accessible
  • Clean and easy interfaces to navigate
  • Fun and inviting for both parties
  • Extremely attachable characters that can connect with users and help with the onboarding for adults
  • Universal characters/buddies
  • Symbolic of nature and calmness


  • The age range for the app is small (10-14)
  • It focuses on a portion of mental health disorders
  • Sometimes technology is responsible for mental health issues
  • Limited awareness of the market
  • Parents could see the game section as distracting more than relaxing.


  • Exploring an untapped market
  • Potentially open a new route of medical care that doesn’t take up time or money like a hospital would
  • Market expansion (age ranges/region/concept)
  • Can be explored through new devices e.g. tablets, smartwatches, etc.


  • Big competitors like calm are expanding into the kid market.
  • The selective age range is a very risky age range to look at as their bodies are constantly changing due to puberty.


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