Year: 2021

#IXD302 Week 4 – Interviews

In today’s class, we learned all about interviews. This is the subject where my nerves go out of the roof. I’ll admit it, I’m not a big talker under pressure, which is a skill I seriously need to work on. Through partaking in this course today I will hopefully learn a few valuable and helpful…Continue Reading #IXD302 Week 4 – Interviews

IXD302 – CV & Cover Letter Feedback & Adjustments

Today Daniel did one-to-one CV & Cover Letter feedback. This took place online and was held for roughly 15 minutes each. This gave me a good opportunity to interact with Daniel to gain crucial feedback on my CV. Daniels Critique¬† Too much on-screen – having to look from on side to the other can become…Continue Reading IXD302 – CV & Cover Letter Feedback & Adjustments

#IXD302 Week 3 – Studio Etiquette

To start of the class today Daniel asked us to go onto Menti with the question being ‘considerations for the workplace’. Daniel then asked us a few questions like – “What would be good working practice for a days work?” Time management Preparation Positivity Cooperation Knowledgeable Formal “What would my responsibilities be?” Time keeping Conversations…Continue Reading #IXD302 Week 3 – Studio Etiquette

#IXD302 Week 2 – CV

IXD302 – Applying for a Job In the beginning of today’s class, Daniel went over various student reports on slack about placement detailing the problems that many students could face while searching/applying and how to avoid it. It felt really refreshing Daniel showed us this as this allows me to avoid future mistakes and stick…Continue Reading #IXD302 Week 2 – CV

IXD301 Portfolio Research/Hero’s

Before I start initial concepts of my portfolio website, I need to gain inspiration and the familiarity of other portfolios. This will allow me to develop a strategic and stylistic plan for my website using the inspiration of others. As I have originally does something similar like this I will also be referencing the same…Continue Reading IXD301 Portfolio Research/Hero’s

#IXD301 – Portfolio Written Content @

Home Page Let’s design the future. View my work — Case studies¬† Irish Travel App Designed with user accessibility and transparency in mind, this exclusive travel app has been initiated, planned and curated to achieve a perfect immersive and enhancing experience while traveling through the Island of Ireland providing navigational ease and attractive UI. This…Continue Reading #IXD301 – Portfolio Written Content @

IXD301 – Responsive Web Design Book Review

One of the books Kyle has recommended to us is a short book by Ethan Marcotte called ‘Responsive Web Design’. This book does everything that it is set out to in the title. One of the biggest challenges in web design for me is to create a fluid and responsive design as I am new…Continue Reading IXD301 – Responsive Web Design Book Review

IXD302 – CV & Coverletter The Process

The first deliverable of the year is to create a CV & Coverletter, this should be straightforward! Although I already have a CV it is extremely outdated and is one of those Microsoft Word CVs. To gain a better understanding of what a UX/UI cv looks like I have to do a little research… The…Continue Reading IXD302 – CV & Coverletter The Process

#IXD302 Week 1 – Introduction

IXD302 – Creative Entrepreneurship Content Schedule Week 1 – Introduction & Workshop Week 2 – Applying for a job Week 3 – Etiquette Week 4 – Interview Skills Deliverable 1 (CV & Covering Letter) – To be handed in by Friday 22nd October at 10am. Week 5 – Intellectual Property & Copyright Week 6 –…Continue Reading #IXD302 Week 1 – Introduction

IXD301 – The Grid: The Master Model Behind Business Success Book Review

I decided to partake in a little bit of reading in which I found Mat Watkison’s book ‘The Grid: The Master Model Behind Business Success Book’. It is a book that describes a systematic framework to help evaluate and refine a product/idea by looking at the broader impact of strategic decisions to help identify the…Continue Reading IXD301 – The Grid: The Master Model Behind Business Success Book Review