Month: February 2021

#IXD103 Week 4 – Exploring Identity

What does it mean to be unique? The world of branding is a very competitive market thus standing out is key. To be successful is to be good at being different so I must incorporate my most unique values into my brand to create a unique visual identity which can be widely recognized. What can…Continue Reading #IXD103 Week 4 – Exploring Identity

#IXD103 – Digitising Monograms

After the initial sketches of my monograms, I was still undecided of which logo I wanted. I then went into illustrator and developed my rough ideas there only this time expanding on minor areas to achieve a better and more defined understanding. Some problems I ran into with my monogram is the ‘J’ looking like…Continue Reading #IXD103 – Digitising Monograms

#IXD103 Week 2 – How Geometry Influences Logo Design

  “The universe cannot be read until we learn the language in which it is written. It is written in mathematics, and the letters are triangles, circles and other geometrical figures, without which it is humanly impossible to understand a single word.” – Galileo Galilei Looking at the history of human kind, we did not…Continue Reading #IXD103 Week 2 – How Geometry Influences Logo Design

#IXD104 – Olly Moss

Olly Johnathan Moss is another famous English illustrator who is most famous for his work on the game Firewatch and his Star Wars original trilogy posters. At first, graphic design came to Moss as a hobby but through university he began to create and publish popular t-Shirt designs on Eventually, he showcased his work…Continue Reading #IXD104 – Olly Moss

#IXD103 Week 4 – Pizzeria Brand

For this task we are asked to create a Pizzeria Brand in a week recapping on and using our newly learned skills.   Like always, I need to ask myself some questions to set the foundations of my brand: Who my target audience will be? – Teenagers/Young Adults Where will my brand be based? – …Continue Reading #IXD103 Week 4 – Pizzeria Brand

#IXD103 Week 4 – Task & Explore Visual Marque

In week 4’s class for our task we were asked to hand sketch 10 different objects including USB drive TV Radio IPad Camera Laptop Pencil Book Page Browser       This was a fun and creative task allowing me to draw a different variety of illustrations that represented that topic. I found this task…Continue Reading #IXD103 Week 4 – Task & Explore Visual Marque

#IXD103 Week 3 – Thinking With Type

Thinking With Type by Ellen Lupton is an excellent critical guide for designers, editors and writers which provides me with a good introduction into the art and visual presentation of typography. The book is split into three main categories; letter, text and grid. In the first section of her book, Ellen looks at the history…Continue Reading #IXD103 Week 3 – Thinking With Type

#IXD103 – Sunni Brown Ted Talk

  In this 5 minute Ted talk Sunni Brown talks about the art and historic stigma of doodling and why it is important to us suggesting doodling has a profound impact on the way we can solve and process information. Sunni opens her speech mentioning the historic and negative connotations surrounding the word and act…Continue Reading #IXD103 – Sunni Brown Ted Talk

#IXD104 – Digitising Icons

Digitising Icons & Development (Navigation bar) Once I completed my icon sketches and my research on other iconographers such as Vic Bell and Kyle Tezak I then collected additional inspirational icon designs that I think matched my stylistic vision on Pinterest before I start to digitise.   After many attempts of trying different icons for…Continue Reading #IXD104 – Digitising Icons

#IXD103 Week 2 – Monogram Moodboard

Mood board To begin looking at monograms, I started on Pinterest selecting other referenced monograms that I visually want to explore and implement onto my monogram.  Looking at Pinterest it has persuaded me to research and visualize a more simplistic, balanced and neutral monogram. This has gave me a greater visualisation of what I want…Continue Reading #IXD103 Week 2 – Monogram Moodboard