Pitching and delivery- Week 9


Todays lecture with Daniel we discussed pitching and delivery, this is in conjunction with our Week 12 pitch presentation.


Tips on delivery and presenting


-Body language is very important. I should make eye contact with everyone to make sure everyone feels included

-Standing commands the room

-Sitting closer to the content and the speaker makes for a more intimate presentation and better for everyone – if they are scattered ask to come sit closer

-stick to your time, don’t go over its rude to the other speakers

-practice your speech before and time yourself

-always use pictures over words – catches peoples attention more (a picture is worth a thousand words, after all)

-use plain English – know who your audience as they might not know the same terms, make sure you say things in an easily understood way

-keep your messaging simple


Small class task

Within the lecture we read two versions of the same sentence, one with more difficult language and one with simple language. both sentences meant the same thing but they were written in different ways. The one with simple language was easier for us to understand and it was shorter with much more simple language used and as a group we all only needed to read the simple sentence once, while the harder and more advanced sentences we had to read like 3 or 4 times. this proves that using simple terms and language that it is more efficient and effective.


Why use slides?

The presentation should be possible without slides but the slides help as they are an aid, like a visual cue or cue cards. They are something for the audience to look at. Using slides is also good for the speaker as they are good for remembering and keeping you on the right track.

The type of slide programmes doesn’t matter – pdfs, key note or powerpoint it doesn’t matter!




  2. No crazy fonts
  3. Use subtle tansitions
  4. Short videos or gifs sparingly – gifs can perhaps reenergize the audience
  5. If you are going to use text use bullet points
  6. Don’t use hundreds of slides


Technical information

16:9 ratio wide screen

1920 x 1080

1280 x 720


Content layout

Lay out what you intend to cover or just get to the point. At the beginning of the presentation I should either layout everything I’m going to cover or else go straight into my idea and my message.

If I should print out supporting materials I need to give them to the audience after right before they leave (so they don’t get distracted).


Rhetoric is the way we speak:

  • repetition
  • rhetorical questions
  • metaphor
  • humour
  • alliteration
  • personal anecdotes




  • cables
  • connectors
  • clicker
  • pdf backup


The investor pitch

What should it include:

  • vision
  • problem
  • solution
  • market – how much money who is the audience you are targeting
  • team- who’s involved
  • the ask- what are you asking for you are asking for money
  • keep it interesting



What did I learn?

I learned a lot from todays lecture, it is an important skill to be able to stand up and talk about your work and ideas and this is something that I will be doing next year within my placement. So I want to be more confident with standing up and speaking to a room full of people. I learned about good techniques such as good eye contact and stance as well as being prepared for ANY situation and or disruption. The delivery is so important but in order to have a good and convincing presentation I need to learn my material and be confident in what I have written and in my idea! Over all this was a very beneficial lesson and I feel more prepared to take on this pitch in week 12.


So what is next?

We went back to the studio and looked at YouTube pitch and the Air bnb pitch slides as well as some previous students work. I want to look at these again and use them for research for my own pitch slides and inspiration. I want to ensure that I include the necessary information and structure. I will being taking my idea and doing some market research and user personas as I want my idea to backed up well with information and stats therefore supporting my idea and the need for my product.


IXD302- Pitching and Delivery
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