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As part of my user research for my pitch project I decided to do a user story ( my favourite ) to include as part of my research journey. I have included my results below.





I learned a lot from putting myself in the mind of the user. I learned that the user would want something that saves them time and money and STRESS! I know now that I need to create an app that is really simple and straightforward and doesn’t add to the stress on everyday life for the user. This product needs to make their life easier and LESS stressful. I learned that car rental and travel is a stressful think and that users don’t need that added frustration and I shouldn’t add to this either. I still believe my idea is strong and I want to pursue this. This user research was so useful I want to create a questionnaire now in order to gain more insight and knowledge to add to my pitch and blogs.

IXD302- User story for Pitch
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