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Since I have decided that I want to make a product for students I wanted to do do some research int student and what they actually look for in apps, and more specifically what they look for in more educational apps. So to conduct this research I began with reading articles based on this topic.



Today’s generation spends the majority of their time on mobile. They love to use mobile apps for shopping, entertainment, games, or learning. When it comes to students and studying this has increased greatly over the years with the development of thousands of studying apps to help students of all ages. Students usually don’t like to study. But, if we connect their boring activities into interactive activities through mobile apps, they will love to study, this is proven through the uproar of studying using technology trend. Within the last year alone the latest study trend is to get an iPad to take notes on for university lectures etc, this includes features like note taking apps and study timers etc.



Some stats on this topic-

  • Education is now the third most popular category in Apple’s App Store. The worldwide e- Learning market is projected to exceed $37 billion in 2020.
  • The e- Learning industry has grown exponentially over the two decades. It continues to grow with better accessibility and improved education apps, this is beginning to cater for all age groups from young children in primary school or nursery to Uni students too.



How can I make a good student based app?

I asked myself the above question – I want to make sure I make an app that suits the age group I am trying to target and appeals to their needs and wants when it comes to UX and UI design and usability. So I researched ways to do this well…

8 Essential Features of Successful Educational Apps


  1. Interactive Content
  2. Testing Knowledge
  3. Push Notification
  4. Social Media Integration
  5. Gamification
  6. Personalised Experience
  7. 24/7 Availability
  8. Portability & Mobility

Some more research…


Positives of online learning – 


Systematic Learning Activated:

Education apps enable both things together: Smart and Systematic learning. The entire content on an education app is arranged well to increase student’s desire to learn more things and that too in what’s called a systematic way.

Not much effort required:

A high-end education app enables students to follow a smooth and logical flow without putting in much effort.


Mobile learning apps are more sustainable than traditional learning methods that consist of various papers, pencils, and pens.

Quality Interaction:

Education apps are helping students to enhance their interest in their studies and what they are learning about. They are allowing the students to become more concerned about their education and their work.




This was some helpful information and it has given me a great foundation to begin building this app for the age group that I want to create it for. From my own research when it comes to science based apps for students over 18 the list isn’t as diverse as it is for younger students. I will consider the features above that make good educational apps and see how I can incorporate these into my own application. I want to make a good app that students feel suits their age and knowledge level.


IXD301- What do students want…
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