What is Dark Mode?



Dark mode is a dark colour scheme for the UI of websites and apps. it has become extremely popular over the last couple of years with designers and a lot of popular brands have taken to this theme. Google Trends data show that worldwide searches for this phrase began to rise in late 2018, soon after dark mode was first introduced for iOS and Android.


Examples of dark mode design-









I decided to research some pros and cons about using dark mode as a theme for my upcoming project.


Pros of Dark Mode

  • Dark colours can symbolise elegance and luxury
  • It can improve accessibility for individuals with light sensitivity.
  • Dark mode may lower or eliminate screen flickering, potentially increasing focus.
  • It improves battery life on devices with OLED screens.
  • Dark mode can decrease blue light exposure, which may improve sleep quality.
  • Dark mode may decrease eye strain in low-light conditions.


Of course with every pro there is a con –

Cons of Dark Mode

  • Dark colors can evoke negative emotions connected with sadness, mourning, or depression.
  • Dark mode can cause halation for individuals with myopia or astigmatism, making text less readable for them.
  • It may lower reading comprehension and focus.
  • Dark mode does not improve battery life on older devices without OLED screens.
  • Dark mode may increase eye strain in brightly-lit conditions.




Tips on how to use dark mode in designs and do it well –

I researched online how to do dark mode design well and the best approaches, I made a mind map explaining each tip. I thought that this would increase my confidence on designing this for my upcoming project.




What did I learn from this?


I have found this research extremely helpful. I will use this new knowledge about dark mode themes in my upcoming project, I have learned information that I think will improve my dark mode designs and original ideas and wishes for my project so this has been a very positive research post! The information above and that I have read on this topic is facts and advice that I wouldn’t have initially even considered or thought of so I am grateful for this new info. I am excited to apply this and begin my designs as I feel more confident. I want to do some more research into companies and brands that utilise dark mode well, I will update my blog with this research!

IXD301- Dark mode research
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