Choosing my elements project topic


Thinking about this elements project this could be anything…




More brainstorming

I did some previous brainstorming where I focused on buzz words about the periodic table, access that blog post here. Progressing on from that I have decided to do some MORE brainstorming but focus on more specific ideas. I have looked at kids and student ideas below.






Target audience choice – STUDENTS

After much deliberation and research I have decided to focus my app towards students aged 18-21 (under grad). I feel like this will give me the challenge to improve upon more skills and design principles.


Brainstorming more student ideas

Now I have decided on my target audience I decided to brainstorm more ideas for grad students and where this project could possibly go…




From my all of previous research I have had 2 favourite ideas the I have brought forward for research:

  1. greek mythology and the periodic table
  2. planets and the periodic table






Idea 1- greek mythology


I sketched out a sample poster for the greek mythology one, I thought this would help in my choose and to see what it could look like. I firstly sketched this idea out and then I took in into pro create on my iPad and it is very rough; but this idea could have some great potential for some really nice illustration work. I sketched out the greek goddess of the moon (Selene) which is the name for the element ‘Se’, I imagine this project and the illustration that I could draw for it being very free and fluid and almost magical. One of the faults in this idea is there isn’t that many elements named after goddesses and gods I need to look at 5 elements for this project, I might struggle to gather the information.







Idea 2- Planets

The other idea I liked and found inspiring was based on planets. I sketched this idea out on what this would look like on a website and I think that this could be a fun website for students to graze through. I want this idea to focus on really good typography and good images, and I want this to be modern and clean.



Exploring digital possibilites

I quickly created some digital mockups using my iPad of how this project could look. I love the modern look and this is a very rough version and I might not even end up going for this style but I like the possibilities and working with real images and typography. I think this idea has the most potential and I could focus on some really simple but effective design work here. Aswell as creating a nice brand.






Final choice


After many attempts at brainstorming and research I have decided to create an app for student surrounding the elements that are based on the planets. It was fun bringing forward 2 different ideas and seeing the potential that they both had. It was important to me that I didn’t rush my decision and that I actually explored each one. However, I think I could use this planet idea to work on some of the skills that I want to advance upon including image skills as well as typography maybe even some animation.


What did I learn here?

Through my many stages of brainstorming and researching I have decided on my final idea for my elements project. I learned a lot on the way and I am glad I didn’t rush into the first idea that came into my head, I researched and sketched a lot and I think that this has payed off. I realised what I wanted to get out of this project and now I have an idea that I can use to help me become a better designer. I think that this idea has the potential to have a really nice, mature brand and I am very excited to get started with it. I will go back to the sketchbook now that I have my final idea and begin my wireframing and then taking it digital on Figma. I want to play around with animation within my prototyping so I need to research it not his swell. I will also research more in depth into the planets and the elements that I want to include into this project.

IXD301- More Idea generation and final choice
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