Week 8 2D

  This week we animated a flour sack jumping, I used rough animator to create this animation. The sack is jumping onto a slightly raised platform. We also created storyboards for our parts in our group animation project, my scene shows the human taking the demon over to grab their wallet to take them shopping….Continue Reading Week 8 2D

Week 8 3D

  This week our task was to design a monster for our model, I did a few rough ideas before settling on a chupacabra wearing a gasmask, they will be a janitor and will also be wearing a brown hazmat suit….Continue Reading Week 8 3D

Week 7 2D

  This week we are looking at the basics of 2D animation such as squash and stretch, we practiced this by animating a basic ball shape and transforming/redrawing it each frame or every few frames….Continue Reading Week 7 2D

Week 7 3D

This week we tested out the sculpting part of blender, I sculpted one of my characters Moonstone a kobold.  I used a sphere as a base for his head and using the tools added too it, I also used two spheres for his eyes….Continue Reading Week 7 3D

Week 6 Hand in

  During the first few weeks I struggled with blender as I had previously learned how to model using MAYA and was getting controls mixed up and having to restart models due to errors I could not fix. I had to watch many of the lectures multiple times however I am getting better at blender…Continue Reading Week 6 Hand in

Week 6 3D

This week our task was to model a helmet in blender and texture it using substance painter, my first idea was to model a old school diving helmet however I changed to a knight helmet. I used iron and gold textures along with a rust map on the main base.   I rendered the helmet…Continue Reading Week 6 3D

Week 5 3D

This week we learned how to use substance painter using a premade war hammer model. It was a little tricky with the thin straps on the main part of the hammer as the texture kept layering over the bronze metal. I used the UV to find the straps so I could keep the texture in…Continue Reading Week 5 3D

Week 5 2D

This week our homework was to design characters for our group, I drew many different head designs for an alien as they can be quite diverse.   I swapped groups from Alien lumberjack to Demon friend and drew some ideas for one of the characters pets, a demon cat. I was going for a very…Continue Reading Week 5 2D

Week 4 3D

  This week we learned how to UV different objects and how to apply textures to them that are not just solid colors. Texturing the hammer was quite difficult as there was many different faces to select while the dice was very easy to texture due to it being a simple cube….Continue Reading Week 4 3D

Week 3 2D

  This blog post is after week 4 due to some errors with my laptop. This week we had to create a scene in our world using only grays and white, I choose to do a scene from my previous group. The scene is inside of a cave and shows a egg laying in a…Continue Reading Week 3 2D