Exporting problems

I had a ton of problems with exporting the FBX file from Blender as every time it would do it, everything would deform, scale or move around, even though I had applied the transformations, and it took me about an hour to fix it. I redid the hair parts without needing the control, using one of the other bevel options instead and it seemed to help. I also made some other changes and eventually, it worked, so although I still don’t really know what I did to fix it, I’m very happy it worked!!

Then when I tried to import it, Maya basically said no and wouldn’t let me open any FBX files. So I had to look up about that and found a very short video that fixed it for me.

Retopology Attempts

I definitely made a mistake with the timing here. I assumed it would take an alright amount of time to retopology the model, but it took wayyy longer than I thought it was going to and resulted in a lot of panic from me as I realised I was going to have way less time for the other parts I still need to do, like rigging, posing and texturing.

I also think I made it way harder for myself than necessary as I had combined most of the meshes to try and get it to export properly, and I had a really hard time trying to do the retopology for the body underneath the clothing, before realising I could just select and separate it. I also ended up deleting and completely redoing the body mesh multiple times. Essentially this took me ages and it was frustrating, however, I didn’t actually mind the process that much aside from the panic over time.

I completely forgot to take screenshots of my progress, so I’m just opening the different save files I made as I went along to try and find progress to screenshot.

I started with the face and then moved on to the hair block part.

Then the body, which was certainly an interesting process, as I mentioned before I redid it a lot. The hands were pure pain to finish. Also the part deleted near the bottom of the legs is because you can’t see it through the boots so it was a waste of faces.

The finished retopology



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