Model Sculpting Progress – Clothes and Details


I started with the skirt, as it’s underneath the cape thing. I was a little lost on how to start modelling clothes at the beginning, as I overthink everything and started wondering if I was meant to sculpt them on the base or make a new object and fit it onto the base. I ended up going with the latter option, though I still don’t know if that was the right decision.

I watched a video on how to make a frilly skirt and used the basic process to make the skirt.


I was really having issues with making the boots, as I don’t fully understand Blender and how to do the same things I can do in Maya. And I really wanted to force myself to learn it by making the majority of it in a blender. Though due to the issues I was having and the running out of time part, I ended up using the base part of the feet as the shoes and using a cylinder with deleted end faces to make the other part of the boot. Also extruding the rim of it. The smooth mesh thing definitely makes them look a little weird when viewed directly in front view.


I was really unsure of whether or not to model the cape yet, as I’m worried that when I pose her it will absolutely wreck the cape. However  I decided to just give it a go, and I can manipulate the vertices to reshape it for the pose if it goes terribly wrong.

Shoulder Armour and decoration

I ended up just using a cube for the shoulder armour and adding loops and extrusions to it, to make it the shape I needed, and then manipulating the faces and vertices to shape it more accurately.

The rope decoration thing is a curve done in Blender, which I definitely prefer the curve tool in Maya to.

Overall I’m pretty happy with the way the model is looking at the minute! 😀 Though I’m very worried about my remaining time.

After importing to Maya

After I finished retopolgising Melanie in Maya, I remembered I had included a shield in the design so I made one up, trying to keep the faces pretty low as well, since I’m more focused on the model looking good.


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