May 6 2022

Animated Narratives – Forest Party – REFLECTION

I am a lot more confident in using Maya and 3D in general than I was at the beginning of this semester and module. I was able to transfer everything I learned during the 3D literacy first module into working on the models for this one quite well! Before completing this module I had never attempted to animate anything 3D before, and now I have an animation which is pretty impressive for me overall. It’s not perfect, and I’m sure I could’ve done a lot differently or better but I’m happy I’ve managed to create something!

I won’t lie, I was incredibly behind on this module for quite a while, due to working on the deadline for the other module and then moving house into a new build where we had to floor and paint the whole thing too. So I had a lot less time to dedicate to this module than I would’ve liked, as this meant I didn’t get to experiment a lot with some of the things like IK handles, rigging and animating itself. I will absolutely be doing more of this independently over the summer as I’m really interested in 3D animation and modelling! So I’d love to become more experienced and confident in doing it.

I was already a lot more confident in modelling than before, however, this module helped me learn how to pose the models properly for rigging and how to paint skin weights and more! I am definitely not confident in painting skin weights, mine are still pretty interesting but they work well enough for this animation and I’m impressed I managed to do that at all. Definitely wish I could’ve spent more time on rigging altogether, as I’m just not understanding it past the basics of joints and parenting. So this is definitely an area for improvement which I intend to follow up on.

I feel like I’ve come a long way in terms of my confidence in working with a team, as I was able to make myself more readily available and I provided my team with constant updates as to my progress, even when I was falling behind. My experience with this group was definitely not one of my favourites, as towards the end everything seemed to fall apart due to some unorganization. However, I did love working with these people (apart from the last minute panic, haha) as they were incredibly nice and generally really fun people to talk to! I enjoyed meeting up with them to do work and sometimes just to hang out a lot!

Overall I’m pleased with the results, although I can see areas I’d definitely have loved to refine if i had enough time.

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