November 18 2021

Spirit Sky Fish – Storyboard Work

Storyboards are a way of visualizing the scene you’re working on, planning out the narrative of it, and how the characters or transitions need to work. Last time we had split up the animation plotline into different sections last time and gave everyone part of the animation to work on. This week we were working on the storyboards for our sections of the animation project. This is the first iteration of my storyboard, it is very rough and sketchy as it was just me trying to get my ideas onto the page in a clear way, and figure out how the camera and characters would move from scene to scene. Next time I come back to this, I will draw it up in more detail digitally, and add notes on the movements, so it’s clearer and more professional-looking.

Posted November 18, 2021 by radcliffe-a in category Animation Studio

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