November 18 2021

Spirit Sky Fish – Rough Animatic


Animatics are sequences of frames or shots, that are used to see how effective the pacing of the storyboard and scene is. It also allows you to see if something won’t work, or if a character needs to do something else instead. This is the first attempt at an animatic for my scene in the overall animation, to help me figure out the timings and spacing needed in the actual animation. It’s VERY rough and sketchy, but I will clean it up and add more detail to it as I continue refining and changing it. It’s still missing some things, like backgrounds that have been thought out and drawn properly, and small details. However, it serves its purpose of allowing me to figure out how I want to transition between frames from my storyboard, and how the character moves, and where they need to be at what times. I did communicate a lot with my group so that we could figure out the transitions between Jorja’s scene and mine.

I actually found it quite fun to do, although I had to take a while to think about how to continue it at some points. I’ve never attempted anything like this or tried to animate at all, so this was a new experience. I used Krita’s animating platform to make the animatic and even though my only experience with it was in class the other week, I found it quite easy to navigate and use. Although I haven’t attempted to use any complex features.

Overall Animatic

Manny had taken the storyboards that were finished and started to put them together so that we could see if the transitions worked and that it flows well. The music and sound effects that were added were also done by them, and the music that is used in the video was suggested by Charlie. Some of the animatics are still missing, but they’ll be added as they’re finished.

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