3D Digital Literacy – Assignment 2, Reflection

Throughout going through this assignment, I’ve learnt a lot in terms of 3D modelling. I’ve never used Blender before but I mostly enjoyed learning the different mechanics to use it and how much it differs from Maya despite the few issues that I ran into. This assignment was interesting in that I actually had to really think about what I thought was cute and narrow it down to one thing.

In terms of my modelling skills, I think I’ve developed a lot from the first assignment especially since Blender gives you a lot more free reign in terms of manipulating the model in comparison to Maya. I think I did much better with modelling my gecko than I did with my well although I’m happy with my well too. I’m proud of how much I’ve developed my 3D modelling skills through this assignment.

Over the semester I feel that I have learnt a lot when it comes to the 3D aspect of the animation world; from the 3D pipeline to 3D modelling itself to the process of animating in 3D. I’ve really enjoyed learning what I have about 3D and it has opened my eyes to all the different aspects that goes into modelling and animating in 3D. I look forward to what I will learn next year.

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